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High-Quality Gooseneck Bodies in Mobile County, Alabama

If you're looking for industrial-quality truck equipment and accessories in Mobile, AL, Truck Equipment Sales, Inc. is here to help!  We have a 60-year history as Mobile County's go-to source for heavy-duty truck bodies and related components.  Our team is proud to provide convenient local access to durable, competitively priced truck equipment and related services for truck dealers, industrial users, contractors, retail end-users, municipalities, and even state governments on the northern Gulf Coast.  We specialize in the sale, installation, and repair of high-quality gooseneck bodies—as well as exceptional customer service—ensuring that our customers in the Port City and surrounding areas have the best equipment for their needs.

Call Truck Equipment Sales today to learn more about the gooseneck bodies and other truck bodies and equipment we offer!  You can also reach us online at your convenience:

Truck Equipment Sales: Your Source for Commercial-Quality Gooseneck Bodies in Mobile, AL

Why Choose a Knapheide Gooseneck Body?

At Truck Equipment Sales, we proudly provide customers in Mobile County with easy access to Knapheide Gooseneck Bodies, a highly reputable supplier renowned for robust construction and superior performance. Knapheide is a leader in the work truck body industry, providing a wide range of truck bodies that are built to last. Knapheide's gooseneck bodies are a trusted choice for professionals, manufactured with longevity in mind and loaded with useful features.  These outstanding truck bodies can also be customized to meet your precise requirements.  

Gooseneck Body with Durable Steel Construction

Knapheide Gooseneck Bodies are constructed with high-strength steel, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. The rugged design can withstand the harshest working conditions, providing reliable performance year after year.

Truck Bodies with E-Coat Prime Paint

To further enhance durability, Knapheide Gooseneck Bodies are coated with E-Coat prime paint, also known as electro-deposition coating.  This advanced 12-step painting process offers excellent corrosion resistance, protecting your investment from the elements and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

Reasonably Priced PGTB and PGTD
Gooseneck Bodies in Mobile, Alabama

Entry-Level PGTB Models

For those seeking reliable performance at an affordable price, the entry-level PGTB models are an excellent choice. These gooseneck bodies offer essential features that make them ideal for a variety of applications:

Basic Flatbed Design: The PGTB models feature a straightforward flatbed design, making them versatile for different tasks.

Integrated Towing Capabilities: These models come equipped with a gooseneck hitch and receiver hitch, providing excellent towing capabilities.

Storage Solutions: PGTB models include spacious storage compartments, allowing you to keep tools and equipment organized and easily accessible.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, these models offer reliable performance and longevity.

Deluxe PGTD Models

If you require enhanced features and superior functionality, the deluxe PGTD models are the perfect solution. These gooseneck bodies offer advanced features that cater to demanding applications:

Enhanced Flatbed Design: The PGTD models feature a more sophisticated flatbed design, offering additional utility and versatility.

Superior Towing Capabilities: With upgraded towing components, these models provide exceptional towing capacity for heavy-duty tasks.

Advanced Storage Options: The PGTD models come with enhanced storage solutions, including lockable compartments and additional toolboxes.

Premium Materials: Constructed with top-grade materials, these models ensure maximum durability and longevity, even in the toughest environments.

Versatile Gooseneck Bodies for the Alabama Gulf Coast

Gooseneck bodies are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. They're especially useful for handling demanding trailer loads.  

Our customers in the following industries find gooseneck bodies essential:

Construction: Ideal for transporting heavy equipment, machinery, and materials to job sites.

Agriculture: Perfect for hauling machinery, feed, other agricultural supplies and sometimes livestock.

Landscaping: Great for carrying landscaping materials, tools, and equipment.

Mining, Oil, and Gas: Suitable for transporting equipment and supplies to remote locations.

Common uses for trucks equipped with gooseneck bodies include the following:

Towing Heavy Loads: Gooseneck bodies provide superior towing capabilities, making them ideal for hauling trailers, machinery, and more.

Transporting Equipment: The flatbed design allows for easy loading and unloading of equipment, making it efficient for various transport needs.

Storage and Organization: With integrated storage compartments, gooseneck bodies help keep tools and supplies organized and secure.

Competitive Prices on Gooseneck Body
Installation and Repair in Mobile, AL

At Truck Equipment Sales, we offer the Mobile area convenient access to high-quality commercial truck bodies, including standard and deluxe gooseneck bodies. But that's not all we do!  In addition to selling gooseneck bodies, we also provide reliable gooseneck body installation and repair services.  Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch service, from helping you choose the right model to ensuring professional installation and affordable repairs.

Contact Truck Equipment Sales, Inc. Today

If you need a durable, hardworking gooseneck body in Mobile, Alabama, the friendly team at Truck Equipment Sales can help you find the perfect equipment for the job.  With our extensive experience, quality products, and exceptional customer service, we are your trusted partner for all your truck body needs. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer or request a quote!  We're here to assist you in finding the perfect gooseneck body for your needs.

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